Artifical Intelligence (AI) is Here to Stay

Robots, AI, and Humanoids are not new to any of us. But now, fiction is becoming a stronger reality and Sophia is the “living” proof.

Sophia is Hanson Robotics’ most recent and advanced social humanoid robot and this sweetie is conquering the world in such a way that she recently became an official citizen of Saudi Arabia.

It is undeniable that Sophia’s powerful AI, her expressiveness and sense of humor make a huge impact even for the ones that resist modern times.

She was present in events such as Web Summit in Lisbon, UN, debating in Rise 2017, appeared on BBC Earth, CNBC, Tonight Showbotics, Good Morning Britain and was interviewed by Charlie Rose, Wall Street Journal, and Elle., just to name a few.

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Date:November 11, 2017
Category:Tech, Science & Innovation
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news - Artifical Intelligence (AI) is Here to Stay