You’re here because you are looking for a content writer specialist for your SaaS business and you want to know a bit about me?

SaaS Content Writer Specialist

I’m tech savvy and can’t resist testing a new gadget, software or app. I was only 4 years old when I set up a 6-modules hi-fi equipment from Marantz all by myself while my father read the manual.

When I’m not writing, I’m testing a new ROM on my Android or looking for new software and apps that can make my day to day better and funnier. On my laziest days, I just curl up on the couch with my dogs watching my favorite TV series while they snore in my ears.

I have a thing for manuals. Every time I buy something new, the first thing I pick up to read is the user guide. I just NEED to know all the great stuff I can do with my brand new acquisition.

I love nature, sea, and mountain. That’s why I and my family moved from Lisbon to sunny Barcelona in 2014 (you should see me…I look like a happy seal in these warm waters).

I also love to sing! Besides my singing classes, I also have a kickass skill and score on Rock Band game (Rockin’ since 2008).

My Background

I’m a bilingual freelance content writer, translator, and proofreader since 2012.

I’ve been working for 20 years and have been involved in marketing, sales and automation roles. I have more than 15 years of professional experience in Telecom. I was a Product Manager for the last six years in a multinational.

The things I most enjoyed about my work were testing the tool, identifying those crazy gremlins in the system to get them fixed and help internal and external users making the most out of the tool.

Writing user guides, delivering training, developing APIs and improving the data quality and user experience was my routine.

I won’t bother you with details, but this awesome tool was google maps based and allowed users to check coverage availability all around the world. It generated a volume of 300k searches per year, just for DSL checks alone (my specialty).

Sometimes I miss those days of analyzing data and creating the best user experience. That’s why, when we work together, I’ll most probably ask you for a free trial os your SaaS so I can dive into the deep features of your amazing software service.

I’m also graduated in Forensic Psychology (I love profiling).

Bilingual (Portuguese & English) freelance content writer, translator, and proofreader since 2012

More than 15 years of professional experience

Graduated in Forensic Psychology

Why did I become a B2B & B2C freelance content writer for SaaS companies?

There’s no need to let you know I like writing (you already noticed that!). When I started googling for software that would help me manage my professional and personal life (I already said I love technology, right?), I realized that many of the SaaS companies I found had few to no content at all.

What did I do? I just left the page as I didn’t understand how their SaaS could help me. The sad thing? They were probably freakin’ awesome software products, but I just didn’t see the value in their content.

Many SaaS companies lack good content and, for a company that offers software as a service, information is key for an effective marketing strategy. You want your audience to understand how your service is the solution to their problems.

That’s why I said to Nine, my cutest personal assistant: “Hey, you know what? It’s a sin not to use my professional background and skills to help SaaS businesses growing up. They need to show their goodies”!

Enough of writing about me! Let’s talk about your SaaS business! Are you ready to share your thoughts and create amazing content that will convert into loyal, long-term happy clients?

Let’s start: Contact me!

Hello, I’m Nine!


I’m Sofia’s cute Personal Assistant.

I love googling for companies that offer Pet related software!

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