Do you want your SaaS company to reach the stars?

Invest in a top-notch inbound marketing strategy!

While you need:

  • A mission
  • A kickass software that offers the solution to a problem
  • Authenticity
  • Your own voice
  • A great team

You also want to become an authority with breath-taking content

Which means:

  • Engaging headline and subheadline
  • Target your audience (B2B & B2C)
  • Quality over content quantity
  • BS free content: informative, punchy, emotional, engaging and fun to read


What makes your visitors sign for your free trial?

What will make them subscribe your service?


The obvious great software and your biggest asset – Information that sells. That’s why you need a content writer that understands SaaS businesses!

The great news? Surprise!

I’m a SaaS content writer specialist, and I can’t wait to know all about that amazing software of yours.

15+ years experience in Telecom
6+ experience as a product manager
6+ working as a freelance content writer

Background in Telecom | Technology | e-Commerce


  • Sales;
  • Customer Experience;
  • Internal / External Communications and Content Marketing;
  • Business Analysis, Processes, Development, Training;
  • Automation, Systems and multi-platforms, APIs (B2B & B2C), UAT (User Acceptance Testing), Data Quality Expert;
  • Technical Writing, User Guides, Product descriptions, Consumer Products;
  • Multicultural environments and global businesses.

What type of content do I have for you?

Technical and informative content is crucial for SaaS companies to succeed and that’s my specialty. Just what you need to build your authority. I write…

  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Long-form Posts
  • Blog Posts
  • Technical Writing
  • User Guides
  • Product Descriptions
  • Informative Content


Want to expand your business? I’ve also got you covered.

I’m bilingual, which means that I write in English and Portuguese and can translate any existent content.